Here are the key stat power rankings of all 32 NFL teams in the team stats that most correlated to winning and losing since I started cataloguing them in 2002. These stats are net red-zone possessions (trips for minus trips allowed), net yards per play, net interception rate and net third-down percentage. The numbers in each column reflect where each team ranks in each category. The overall stat power ranking ranking is the rankings added, with the lowest number being the best. The objective is to assess how strong each team is relative to its opponent, division, conference and the league in general. Warning: Past performance does not necessarily determine future results.

Michael Salfino's 2009 Stat Power Index
Through Week 17
Red Zone
Net Third-down
1GB (11-5)622111
2NO (13-3) 664218
3MIN (12-4)1103923
4NE (10-6)2125524
5DAL (11-5)4161425
6BAL (9-7)688426
7PHI (11-5)18412337
8SD (13-3)119111142
9NYJ (9-7)5772847
10IND (14-2)15392249
11HOU (9-7)311162050
12ARZ (10-6)1115151253
13CIN (10-6)1020131053
14PIT (9-7)65212355
15DEN (8-8)151420857
16NYG (8-8)2113101761
17MIA (7-9)152612163
18JAX (7-9)192418768
19CAR (8-8)2418141672
20WSH (4-12)1317192574
21ATL (9-7)1323221876
22TEN (8-8)2916171577
23SF (8-8)2119281381
24BUF (6-10)252232685
25CHI (7-9)1921233194
26SEA (5-11)2125252495
27KC (4-12)26283019103
28TB (3-13)28272926110
29CLE (5-11)26322729114
29OAK (5-11)32292627114
31DET (2-14)31312432118
32STL (1-15)30303130121