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Get to know the players of the Big East
Quick thoughts on movies, fashion, food and video games
by Brian Price / SNY.tv
Corey Fisher and the Wildcats were picked No. 1 by the Big East coaches in the preseason poll. (AP)

Q: What do you guys do off the court to bond as a team?
Corey Stokes, Villanova: We're always together. We go to the movies. We go bowling. We all have a great bond off the court that helps us gel on the court.
Q: And what was the last movie you guys saw together?
CS: "Couples Retreat."
Q: Who's the best bowler on the team?
CS: I'm the best bowler on the team. I'm a 220 bowler.

Corey Fisher, Villanova (overhearing the answer): He [Corey Stokes] is the best bowler but I beat him. I got a higher score than him the first game we played. He's decent.
Q: Who's the funniest guy on the team?
CF: I think that would have to be me.

Q: Who's got the best style on the team?
Luke Harangody, Notre Dame: I think he's sitting to my left (referring to Tory Jackson). I don't think I could pull that suit off.
Where'd you get that suit?
Tory Jackson, Notre Dame: Overseas. This is an import.

Editor's Note: Jackson was wearing a yellow three-piece suit with brown pinstripes.

Q: What's the last team movie you guys checked out?
TJ: "Paranormal Activity." That's a scary movie. A lot of guys can't sleep right now.
LH: I couldn't sleep after I saw it.

Q: I've read that you're a Heat fan even though you're from Brooklyn.
Brian McKenzie, Providence: Well I'm more of a Dwyane Wade fan. But right now I like watching the Nuggets most.
Q: Assuming the Nets move to Brooklyn, will that change things?
BM: It definitely will. Brooklyn is in my heart and it's who I am. If they [the Nets] moved there, that's who I'd have to pull for. Q: Tell me about the role Brooklyn has played in forming this team.
BM: We grew up together. Myself, Jamine Peterson and Vincent Council. Every time someone from Brooklyn comes up [to Providence] to visit they see that we're here having fun, working together, getting a great education all while playing a high level of basketball. The connection is there, and it continues to grow.

Editor's Note: Sophomore Jamine Peterson, freshman Vincent Council and senior Brian McKenzie all hail from Brooklyn.

Q: Video games?
BM: I'm not a big video game guy, but I do touch the sticks when it comes to "Mortal Combat VS. DC." I'm pretty unstoppable when it comes to that game. No one on the team can beat me at that game. That's my game.

Q: How have you and other veterans helped guide Lance Stephenson?
Deonta Vaughn, Cincinnati: We all just try to help him ease into things because we all know there's been a lot of hype about him. We try to keep him calm because he can get a little too excited sometimes. Lance might mess up in practice and then worry about it. We tell him that we know he's a freshman, we all know what that's like, and making mistakes is part of the process. We all try to help him with the mental part of the game. Lance has the physical ability and now he's working on the mental side.
Q: Tell me about coming to New York and playing at the Garden.
DV: There are so many people and so many things to do. After we arrived I walked around the street a little bit and got a sense of the atmosphere. It makes me excited about the Big East tournament. I can't wait to be back here to play. It's a different kind of feeling to play in the Garden with all the greats that have played here before. It gives me chills.

Q: Coach Calhoun broke five ribs after taking a fall in a charity bike race but still finished. Your thoughts?
Stanley Robinson, Connecticut: He's a tough man. To be his age and finish the race is one thing. That's just thrilling for me. That's my coach. He got the job done and I'm proud of him. Coach is like a father to all of us. He's going to get in your face just like a father would. He tells us right from wrong. He's always around and always knows what we're doing. He's a complete person and takes care of his team.
Q: Best piece of advice he's given you?
SR: Always keep your head up and do the right thing. And always try to better yourself. Also, when you better yourself, you better others.

Q: You're a native New Yorker. Tell me about your New York experience when you come back.
Edgar Sosa, Louisville: I don't know how somebody from Wisconsin feels when they go back to Wisconsin but when you come back to New York there's a certain feeling of being back home, surrounded by the lights, and tons of people. It's great. I also always have to see my family and friends. I always look forward to my mom's cooking.
Q: Favorite home-cooked meal?
ES: She makes a great lasagna and she even made me some to take back to school. I'm real happy about that.
Q: Favorite movie?
ES: "Above the Rim" is my favorite all-time movie. I also like "Menace to Society." I like movies that keep you on the edge.

Q: What was the last team activity you all did together?
Da'Sean Butler, West Virginia: We all went to Kennywood which is an amusement park in Pittsburgh. We do things as a team all the time. If one guy gets a hold of one teammate that pretty much means everybody on the team is going to be there.
Q: Last movie you all saw together?
DB: "Couples Retreat." Vince Vaughn is hilarious.
Q: What kind of movies are you into?
DB: I like scary movies. I'm not really into the 30 "Saw" movies that have come out but I might see it anyway. I like "Scream" and "Halloween." Wes Craven does it good.

Q: What kind of shopping do you do when you come to New York?
Devin Ebanks, West Virginia: I'm a sneaker head. I have all the Jordan's. There aren't a lot of places to shop for sneakers in West Virginia so I have to order them online or check out the stores when I come to New York.
Q: Who's your NBA team?
DE: I'm a die-hard Knick fan. Love the Knicks. John Starks has always been my favorite player. Everybody remembers him for "the dunk." I always watched him and admired his toughness. He influenced my game a lot. Starks wore No. 3 and so do I.

Q: Best place to get a New York slice?
Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall: Ray's Pizza on 92nd and 2nd. Tell them I sent you.

Brian Price is a contributor to SNY.tv.
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