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GEICO Week in New York: Nov. 7-13
By Brian DiMenna / SNY.tv
Eli Manning cemented his status as an elite quarterback with another fourth-quarter comeback to beat the Patriots. (AP)

The Jets and Giants both enjoyed big wins this week, the MLS season came to a close for New York and college basketball started up to remind everyone that the NBA still doesn't exist. Here's the week in sports.

Mets: The Mets did not sign Jose Reyes this week. Reyes did not sign elsewhere. And yet, the Mets may sign Reyes, or they may not. They will not trade David Wright any time soon, although there will be an awful lot of talk about trading David Wright and the merits thereof. It's all going to be kind of annoying. Sorry.

Yankees: The Yankees signed both Brian Cashman and CC Sabathia. Sabathia signed, of course, because he just simply loves New York City and the Yankees adding another $25 million onto his contract should be considered more like a gratuity.

Jets: There's this thing that happens these days in regards to the Jets whenever they suffer some adversity. The spotlight gets turned heavy on Rex Ryan, along with the mounting sense that it would sure be good fun if all his boasts collapsed on top of him. And yet, whether you find him delightful or somewhat grating, Ryan is undeniably a superb football coach. Once again, the Jets responded in a game they had to have, reminding all why there was so much attention given to them in the first place. Sure, the offense is not all that explosive, but they have been superbly efficient, among the league leaders in turning yards gained into actual points. On Sunday against the Bills, it was the defense who delivered a masterful performance, as the unit continues to just be awfully hard to throw against -- a result of the gifts of the celebrated Darrelle Revis, but also likely owing much to the brilliant schemes of the head coach. The Jets will accept a visit next week from the New England Patriots with first place in the AFC East on the line. Suddenly, the Jets are exactly where they said they'd be. Here we go.

Monday, November 7
7:00 PM NHL NY Islanders at Boston
7:00 PM NCAAB St. John's vs. William Mary

Tuesday, November 8
7:30 PM NHL NJ Devils vs. Carolina

Wednesday, November 9
7:30 PM NHL NY Rangers at Ottawa
7:00 PM NCAAB St. John's vs. Lehigh

Thursday, November 10
9:00 PM NHL NY Islanders at Colorado
7:00 PM NCAAB St. John's vs. Lehigh

Friday, November 11
7:00 PM NHL NY Rangers vs. Carolina
7:00 PM NHL NJ Devils vs. Washington
7:00 PM NCAAB Connecticut vs. Columbia
7:00 PM NCAAB Louisville vs. TN-Mar
7:00 PM NCAAB Villanova vs. Monmouth
7:00 PM NCAAB Pittsburgh vs. Albany
7:30 PM NCAAB Rutgers vs. Dartmouth
9:00 PM NCAAB DePaul vs. Tex-PA
9:00 PM NCAAB Marquette vs. MSM
9:00 PM NCAAB West Va. vs. Oral Roberts
8:00 PM NCAAF Syracuse. vs. South Florida

Saturday, November 12
7:00 PM NHL NJ Devils at Washington
12:00 PM NCAAF Connecticut vs. Syracuse
12:00 PM NCAAF West Virginia at Cincinnati
12:00 PM NCAAF Louisville vs. Pittsburgh
3:30 PM NCAAF Rutgers at Army
7:00 PM NCAAB Georgetown vs. Savannah St.
2:00 PM NCAAB Notre Dame vs. Mississippi Valley St.
2:00 PM NCAAB Providence vs. FDU
4:00 PM NCAAB Syracuse vs. Fordham
7:00 PM NCAAB Seton Hall vs. StF-NY
7:00 PM NCAAB South Florida vs. Vermont

Sunday, October 16
4:15 PM NFL NY Giants at San Francisco
8:20 PM NFL NY Jets vs. New England

Giants: The Giants came into their matchup with New England still hearing the effects of the season's most irritating storyline. That would be the faux-controversy over Eli Manning apparently liking himself and saying so publicly. By now, it should be quite clear that while Manning may never be one of the all-time greats, nor good enough to probably ever satisfy Joey from Bayside in section 247, he is absolutely as good as anyone in the game. At one point during what was a surprisingly terrific defensive battle between the two teams, Eli seemed destined to be the goat thanks to an ill-advised interception in the end zone that was undoubtedly one of those patented Manning head-slappers. But Manning responded in the fourth quarter, twice leading drives to retake the lead, culminating in a pass to Jake Ballard in the corner of the end zone that secured a Giants win in a game that played out in an eerily similar fashion to Super Bowl XLII. New York continues their brutal stretch with a trip to San Francisco, but feeling a momentum that now makes this gauntlet feel a lot more exciting, as opposed to just terrifying.

Rangers: The Rangers have now won three in a row, and scratched an itch with the return of Sean Avery, that lovable pest they seem unable to live without. Wins over the Ducks, Canadiens and Jets portends well for next week when they'll take on Senators and Canes, before a cross-town clash with the Islanders.

Devils: After three straight losses had Devils fans in an early panic, and sent Donnie Stagnetta's facebook page into overdrive, New Jersey responded with a pair of wins this week against the Flyers and Jets which both required extra time. The early question for the Devils has been how to get Ilya Kovalchuk going, you know, he of the 25-year contract. Next week will see a meeting with the Hurricanes before a home and home with the Washington Capitals and their menacing cyborg Alex Ovechkin.

Islanders: The Islanders got a big win on Friday against Washington, ending a six-game losing streak that Islanders fans saying, "Seriously? We're this bad again?" P.A. Parenteau and John Tavares both tallied goals for New York against the Caps, and they'll look to build some momentum when they take on the Avalanche, Canucks and Rangers this week.

Big East Basketball: Big East hoops are under way with all the top teams currently taking on patsies to make them feel strong before the season truly gets under way. Syracuse and UConn are off to fast starts and appear to be loaded and ready to roll. St. John's gets going next week filled with fresh faces and returning precisely one player from last season's surprisingly feisty squad. Oh and then there's DePaul who called just to make sure they are still indeed in the Big East.

Big East Football: The big game in the Big East this week was Louisville's surprise upset of No. 24 West Virginia who may not actually be among the 25 best teams in the country. Louisville used a big fourth quarter, including a blocked field goal return for a touchdown to spring the 38-35 win. Oppositely, No. 23 Cincinnati survived a test from Pittsburgh, securing a 26-23 win alive to keep their conference title dreams firmly intact.

Brian DiMenna is a regular contributor to SNY.tv.
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