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GEICO Week in New York: Sept. 24-30
By Brian DiMenna / SNY.tv
The Jets' problem may no longer be that they have two quarterbacks, the problem may be that they don't have any. (AP)

I've always bristled at the tendency to describe football players who join teams midseason as having "come off the couch." It makes it sound like they pulled a guy out of the stands. "I was just watching the game, and for whatever reason the Giants called and asked me if I wanted to play ... it was awesome." Something tells me that someone staying in shape in anticipation of a call from an NFL team doesn't spend an inordinate amount of time on the couch. Consider that nit picked.

Mets: This Mets season has become about one thing: R.A. Dickey. There is no other story left to write except the final chapter of the remarkable tale of Dickey's 2012 season. The knuckleballer earned his 19th win of the season this week after another masterful performance against the Marlins, and he now has to be the favorite to win the Cy Young Award, if for no other reason than it would be just insane for this particular Mets team to possess the Cy Young winner. Dickey will try for 20 wins in a home start next week against the Pirates and there's been something sort of amusing in the importance the team has placed on him reaching that milestone at home, you know, since no one will likely be there to see it. But in an otherwise completely dreary Mets season, Dickey has been a constant bright spot, the one consistently compelling aspect of the team. Cheers to he.

Monday, Sept. 24
7:10 PM MLB NY Mets vs. Pittsburgh
8:10 PM MLB NY Yankees at Minnesota

Tuesday, Sept. 25
7:10 PM MLB NY Mets vs. Pittsburgh
8:10 PM MLB NY Yankees at Minnesota

Wednesday, Sept. 26
7:10 PM MLB NY Mets vs. Pittsburgh
1:10 PM MLB NY Yankees at Minnesota

Thursday, Sept. 27
1:10 PM MLB NY Mets vs. Pittsburgh
7:07 PM MLB NY Yankees at Toronto

Friday, Sept. 28
7:35 PM MLB NY Mets at Atlanta
7:07 PM MLB NY Yankees at Toronto

Saturday, Sept. 29
7:10 PM MLB NY Mets at Atlanta
1:07 PM MLB NY Yankees at Toronto
12:00 PM NCAAF UCONN vs. Buffalo

Sunday, September 30
1:35 PM MLB NY Mets at Atlanta
1:07 PM MLB NY Yankees at Toronto
1:00 PM NFL NY Jets vs. San Francisco
8:20 PM NFL NY Giants at Philadelphia

Yankees: If you're anything like me, and for all I know, we're like the same guy, you've been watching this Yankees season unfold solely in hopes of an entertaining collapse. Sadly, it appears the Yanks will hold on for at least one of the Wild Card spots, despite being unable to shake free from those pesky Orioles. Before a tough loss to Oakland on Sunday, the Yankees put together a clutch seven-game winning streak to set themselves up well for the season's home stretch. We can talk all we want about New York's inherent advantages -- and believe me, I do -- but you do have to kind of admire the way they always get the job done. Yes, they have tremendous resources, but this season they've also faced serious adversity and simply refused to go away. The Yankees don't collapse, they don't melt away and that as much as their bulging budget is what makes them the Yankees. New York heads into meetings with Minnesota and Toronto next week ready to enjoy some good health, with Andy Pettitte and Ivan Nova now solidly back in the starting rotation. The Yankees look whole again at pretty much the perfect time. It's good to be them. It always is.

Jets: About the Jets, let's just go with the ole' "a win's a win" thing and avoid the hard questions for a later date. Wins in the NFL are hard to come by, even against a Dolphins team rendered largely punchless once Reggie Bush departed to injury. Sure, there are questions that could be asked. Does Mark Sanchez just stink? Did the Jets acquire Tim Tebow just to use him in the seemingly most inane and incomprehensible manner possible? Is Tony Sparano sort of silly? Is Darrelle Revis done for the season? Seriously, does Mark Sanchez just stink? Let's save all these for when there's no alternative and instead enjoy that the Jets are 2-1 and awaiting a visit from a San Francisco team that was upset by Minnesota this past Sunday. It could be worse, it almost was.

One last note on the Jets game. Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin will no doubt be criticized for icing Jets kicker Nick Folk and wiping out his team's blocked field goal. It will be pointed out that icing the kicker doesn't work, that it's just as likely to work against you as work for you and that it's ultimately completely pointless. I've written this elsewhere, but that while all of that is 100% true, head coaches will ALWAYS ice the kicker. Why? Because at least it's something. NFL head coaches are almost as a rule hyper-competitive control freaks. They ice the kicker because it's the only thing they CAN do. The alternative is to just sit there with your hands in your pockets and impotently watch the opposing team bang one through the uprights. No NFL head coach is going to do that when there's a perfectly good timeout strategy that can be deployed. Icing the kicker may not DO anything, but it's something that CAN be done. It doesn't matter if it works, it simply matters that it exists.

Giants: I've noticed a strain of thought that still isn't sold that Eli Manning is an "elite" quarterback, however exactly we're choosing to define that. It's weird. There seems to be no room in the heads of some people to consider the idea that Manning was a good quarterback who has become a great one. Watching him dissect the Carolina Panthers with the likes of Ramses Barden and Martellus Bennett it was hard not to notice that this was the Eli Manning of our wildest dreams. There was a time when it was a legitimate point of debate just how good Eli was, but those days really seem long over. He's great, and so may be these Giants, who dismantled an overmatched Panthers team in Carolina, 36-7, to put themselves back atop the division. The Giants face another big test next Sunday night in Philadelphia, as they look to prove their Week 1 loss to Dallas was just one loss and not some glaring sign of weakness. Sure, it's still early in this season, but this definitely does appear to be something of a golden age for Big Blue, with a top coach and quarterback operating a team built by a general manager who can currently do no wrong. This doesn't come around too often, make sure to savor it.

Big East Football: Rutgers nailed down the biggest win of the weekend, scoring a 35-26 win over the SEC's Arkansas to move to 4-0 for the first time since 2006. Quarterback Gary Nova shredded the Razorbacks' defense for 397 yards and five touchdowns. UConn's week was anothe story, as the Huskies were stunned by Western Michigan at home in a 30-24 defeat. Syracuse suffered another tough loss, as well, falling to Minnesota, 17-10, with Ryan Nassib suffering through his worst game of the season.

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