11/04/2012 11:13 PM ET
GEICO Week in New York: Nov. 5-11
By Brian DiMenna / SNY.tv
Carmelo Anthony has come out on fire in the Knicks' first two games of the season. (AP)

First, all my thoughts and well wishes go out to all those devastated by that terrible storm. I have to admit my own guilt, my apartment in Hoboken was apparently on almost the lone block that didn't lose power or experience any flooding. It was kind of insane. I don't know how to explain our good fortune, I assure you I'm not all that good of a person, but we were very thankful for our luck given the devastation that affected our community. It's crazy to me that all that was just from weather. Like sometimes it's 75 degrees and sunny and sometimes it does that. I prefer the former.

Jets: The Jets did not play this week. It worked out for everyone. They'll return from their week off to take on the Seahawks in Seattle, which is always a brutal place to play for reasons that have never been properly explained. Why is Seattle's stadium so loud? All the coffee? I can't ever figure out why those people love the Seahawks so much. It certainly can't be the uniform.

Monday, Nov. 5
7:00 PM NBA NY Knicks at Philadelphia
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. Minnesota

Wednesday, Nov. 7
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn at Miami

Friday, Nov. 9
8:00 PM NCAAF UConn vs. Pittsburgh
7:00 PM NBA Brooklyn at Orlando
7:30 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Dallas

Saturday, Nov. 10
TBA PM NCAAF Rutgers vs. Army
TBA PM NCAAF Syracuse vs. Louisville

Sunday, Nov. 11
1:00 PM NFL NY Giants at Cincinnati
4:05 PM NFL NY Jets at Seattle

Giants: The Giants' first two losses were both games in which they didn't play their best but still had a chance to win in the end. If you were in the mood, you could try to convince yourself that Sunday's 24-20 loss to the Steelers was something of the same thing, but it really wasn't. In a game the Giants led throughout, it felt like they were constantly trailing. Aside from some home-cooking from the officials on their first scoring drive and on a controversial Ben Roethlisberger fumble call that seemed to defy logic, New York got almost nothing going all day. The truth is New York's potent offense has been a bit out of sync for a few weeks now, but it's the type of thing you don't really dwell on as long as you're winning. But things came to a head this Sunday at MetLife Stadium as the Steelers badgered Eli Manning into his worst game in years, a 10-of-24 effort for 125 yards and an interception. Wait, was it really that bad? Yes, yes it was. At times, the Giants' defense did their darndest to keep the team in the game, but they too deserve some blame for being bum-rushed by Pittsburgh's third-string running back Isaac Redman, who I think just broke a tackle in the locker room. Given the Cowboys and Redskins losses, the defeat isn't a crusher, but New York has to find a way to get its explosive passing game back in gear or face another year with an onslaught of questions about second-half swoons. Oh please not again. Please.

Knicks: The Knicks season opened up about as perfectly as could have possibly been imagined, with Carmelo Anthony playing the type of all-around ball that made you feel sorry for everything bad you've ever thought about him, or wonder where that's been this whole time, depending on your level of cynicism. New York ran over Miami Friday night in their season debut after Hurricane Sandy robbed us all of the much-anticipated grudge match with the Nets in Brooklyn. New York followed up the rout of the Heat with a similarly convincing win over Philadelphia on Sunday, again displaying an efficiency on offense and tenacity on defense that often was missing during last year's mediocre campaign. Even without Jeremy Lin, it's hard not to appreciate how superior the Knicks' point guard play has been already this season, with Raymond Felton looking fit and eager and Jason Kidd off to an equally impressive start. Remember how long we waited breathlessly for Baron Davis last year? Doesn't that all seem kind of hilarious now? Anyway, it was all pretty fantastic at the Garden this weekend. Here's hoping it lasts. It won't last, will it? Damn you.

Nets: Not to go all cynicky myself on you, but did anyone else watch that Nets' Brooklyn debut and kind of just think, "Yup, it's still the Nets." I don't know, maybe it's my steadfast Knick fandom, but watching that team didn't feel like anything fresh and exciting. It was still just the other area basketball team, the one I don't care that much about. But putting that aside, Brooklyn looked solid in a win over the talent-less Raptors, with Brook Lopez and Deron Williams carrying the bulk of the load. Up next for the Nets is a battle with the T-Wolves before a measuring stick game of their own against the Miami Heat. The jump off was a success for their first game in Brooklyn but it remains to be seen just how excited we're all going to get about these Nets.

Big East Football: Rutgers took a week off to lick their wounds after a loss to Kent State spoiled their perfect season, while the Pitt Panthers put up a game fight against third-ranked Notre Dame before succumbing in overtime. Syracuse suffered another setback with a 34-25 loss to Cincinnati, while No. 11 Louisville stayed undefeated with a blowout win over Temple. Rutgers looks to get back on track next weekend against Army, while Louisville takes on Ryan Nassib and Syracuse.

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