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GEICO Week in New York: Nov. 26-Dec. 2
By Brian DiMenna / SNY.tv
The Mark Sanchez era may have hit its low point Thanksgiving night against the Patriots. (AP)

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, enjoyed a thoroughly delicious meal, stuffed themselves silly and then took time to think about all of those less fortunate than themselves and fell into a deep and lasting depression. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mets: Still no Dickey, still no Wright, please go on with your business.

Yankees: The Yankees re-signed Hiroki Kuroda to a one-year deal because they pretty much had no choice.

Jets: Oh man, that play. That play, guys, that play!

Which play? You know which play. Oh, you know good and well which play.


My favorite part about that play is Chris Collinsworth's genuine "Oh no!" as it's happening, as though it was just too much, as though he couldn't even take what was happening, as though the enormity of what he was watching was filled with too much sadness and human tragedy for him to even go on with the call. He sincerely didn't even want to see it.

There's a faction of people -- albeit a dwindling group -- who will still defend Mark Sanchez. They'll note the team's glaring lack of weaponry, the impossible spot he's been put in and cling to the memory of those two runs to the AFC Championship game, and the funny thing is, I still think there's a lot to that argument.

But there's another part of me that thinks he will never live down that play, and neither will Rex Ryan. There's a good chance now that all that promise is gone, that the legacy of this once promising coach and quarterback pair will be that God-awful "highlight." I think somewhere inside Mark Sanchez a good NFL quarterback may reside, but after watching that Thanksgiving display, I feel fairly certain we're never going to see it.

Next up for the Jets is a visit from Arizona, but at this point it really doesn't matter.

Monday, Nov. 26
7:00 PM NBA NY Knicks at Brooklyn

Tuesday, Nov. 27
7:00 PM NCAAB Pittsburgh vs. Howard
7:00 PM NCAAB Providence vs. Holy Cross
9:00 PM NCAAB DePaul vs. Fairfield

Wednesday, Nov. 28
8:00 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Milwaukee
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn at Boston

Thursday, Nov. 29
7:00 PM NCAAB UConn vs. New Hampshire
7:30 PM NCAAB St. John's vs. So. Carolina
7:30 PM NCAAF Rutgers vs. Louisville

Friday, Nov. 30
7:30 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Washington
7:00 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. Orlando
8:30 AM NCAAF Syracuse at Arkansas

Saturday, Dec. 1
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn at Miami
2:00 PM NCAAB Rutgers at Mississippi
1:00 PM NCAAB St. John's vs. NJIT
TBA PM NCAAF UConn vs. Cincinnati

Sunday, Dec. 2
1:00 PM NFL NY Jets vs. Arizona
12:00 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Phoeniz

Giants: It's probably time we just stop trying to figure the Giants out. After an epic stink bomb in Cincinnati, the G-Men returned from a bye week and exhibited a thorough beating of the red-hot Green Bay Packers for a 38-10 win. In what was a complete dismantling, the Giants' offense broke out in a big way, with the running and passing games looking equally in sync. Eli Manning tossed three touchdowns to reach 200 for his career and pass Phil Simms on the Giants' all-time list. The win moved the Giants to 7-4, comfortably in front in the NFC East with a trip to Washington to play RG the third and the Redskins in a Monday night game seemingly designed to drive my father insane, "A Monday nighter after a Sunday night, what are they trying to do to us?!?" It's also worth noting that the Giants now have blowout wins over the 49ers and Packers, something that has to at least rise to the status of encouraging.

Knicks: The biggest game for the Knicks this week was obviously their reunion with Jeremy Lin down in Houston. It did not go well. After a shaky second half two nights earlier in Dallas led to the team's second loss of the season, the 131-103 rout from the Rockets rang up the season's first alarm bells. Sunday's drubbing of the Pistons at home certainly eased the tension, but there's no doubt the Knicks still have a few questions to answer. The lack of a consistent second option behind Carmelo Anthony has some finally longing for Amar'e Stoudemire's return, while the mystery of Marcus Camby's diminished role has led to the emergence of the shockingly effective Rasheed Wallace. New York finally gets their long-awaited matchup with Brooklyn next week in the first battle for city-wide supremacy.

Nets: At 8-4 after impressive wins over the Clippers and Blazers, the Nets are off to a solid start, but are still looking to Monday's matchup with the Knicks as a chance to announce their arrival. Brook Lopez has really been the key to the strong start, while Deron Williams has played well but struggled with his shot and Joe Johnson has labored to jump start his season at all. Brooklyn came into this year openly seeking a New York takeover, but have been subtley silenced by the Knicks' hot start. A chance to change all that awaits, as a long-dormant rivalry may finally reignite.

Big East Football: After both teams suffered stunning losses, Rutgers to Pitt and Louisville to UConn, the Big East title will come down to a Thursday night tilt between the Scarlet Nights and Cardinals in Piscataway. Believe it or not, one of these two teams will play in a BCS bowl even if no one is really sure they deserve to.

Big East Basketball: Big East hoops is off to its usual strong start, at least before everyone takes off for greener conference pastures, with Syracuse and Cincinnati leading the way with undefeated starts. No. 2 Louisville lost a heartbreaker to fifth-ranked Duke for their only loss, while Connecticut began to struggle in an overtime win over Quinnipiac and a loss to New Mexico. We'll start following this space more carefully as the season progresses, so forgive this weak tea recap for the time being.

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