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GEICO Week in New York: Dec. 3-9
By Brian DiMenna / SNY.tv
Did the Mark Sanchez era in New York come to an end on Sunday against the Cardinals? (AP)

Wait, is it December already? It seems early, but I watched the wife break out the Christmas decorations the other day and figured we must really be here. The presence of a box marked "Christmas" in your apartment is one of the surer signs you've reached adulthood, or you still live with your parents.

Mets: The Mets retained David Wright with a massive 8-year, $140 million extension that will pretty much ensure the third baseman is a Met for life, something made more amazing when you consider almost no one ever is. The signing was welcome news for a fan base that had come to expect disappointment, and a sign that the team is at least capable of fulfilling its most basic obligations, but it was somehow bittersweet, as well. I know this was a decidedly good thing, and I know David has been a great player and representative of the team and now is the time to rejoice, but there still feels something wrong about the fact that Reyes isn't here to see it, and is instead stuck in Canada playing for the Blue Jays. Sure, it was nice the Mets got wise to the idea that watching home-grown All-Stars depart in consecutive seasons would have been a pill too bitter for even Mets fans to swallow, but somehow it just feels like it should have never gotten to this. The Mets have lowered expectations to the point that retaining a core player feels like cause for a parade, and I find myself longing for a day when the Mets' finances are far less my concern.

Jets: Wow. If that's the end of Mark Sanchez in New York - something I still kind of doubt -- it would be hard to go out on an uglier performance. After Sanchez was benched mercifully late in the third quarter, Greg McElroy "rallied" the team for a 7-6 win over one of the few NFL teams with an even worse quarterback situation than the Jets. Rex Ryan has been loyal to Sanchez almost to the point of absurdity, but was finally moved to go to the bench after a 10-for-21, three interception outing nearly derailed what should have been an easy win over the lowly Cards. Whether the Jets give Tebow a shot once his ribs have healed, stick with McElroy or hand the ball back to Sanchez next week in Jacksonville, the Rex/Sanchez marriage will likely never be the same. After the pair's first two seasons led to such promise, the disintegration over the past two seasons puts the Jets back to square one. No matter how this season ends, New York will be facing some very tough questions and not a whole lot of answers.

Monday, Dec. 3
7:00 PM NCAAB Syracuse vs. East MI

Tuesday, Dec. 4
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. Oklahoma City
9:00 PM NCAAB UConn vs. NCSU
10:00 PM NCAAB St. John's at San Francisco

Wednesday, Dec. 5
7:00 PM NBA NY Knicks at Charlotte
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn at Boston

Thursday, Dec. 6
8:00 PM NBA NY Knicks at Miami
8:00 PM NCAAB Syracuse vs. Long Beach St.

Friday, Dec. 7
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. Golden State
7:00 PM NCAAB UConn vs. Harvard

Saturday, Dec. 8
8:00 PM NBA NY Knicks at Chicago
7:00 PM NCAAB Syracuse vs. Monmouth
7:00 PM NCAAB St. John's vs. Fordham
9:00 PM NCAAF Rutgers vs. Iona

Sunday, Dec. 9
1:00 PM NFL NY Jets at Jacksonville
4:25 PM NFL NY Giants vs. New Orleans
7:30 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Denver
6:00 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. Milwaukee

Giants: The Giants didn't play at all this week, something that really doesn't seem fair.

Knicks: The Knicks started off the week with a tough overtime loss to the Nets in Brooklyn that briefly gave the Nets the keys to the city. Ray Felton suffered through his worst game of the season, a 3-20 nightmare that Deron Williams ably exploited. But the Knicks responded splendidly, as they have all season, ripping off three straight wins in relatively routine fashion against the Bucks, Wizards and Suns. After years of watching the Knicks flail about, the workman-like nature with which they've dispatched inferior opponents has been a pleasure to behold. In Sunday's win over Phoenix, they let the Suns hang around but never to the point that the game appeared in actual jeopardy. An important week looms ahead, with a trip to Charlotte ahead of marquee games with the Heat and Bulls to round out the week. The aging Knicks have shown some wear and tear early on, with Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby struggling with injuries, but the way Carmelo Anthony has played to date, it just might not matter.

Nets: The Nets' victory over the Knicks to start the week was the third of five straight Brooklyn would rip off before a Saturday night loss to the Heat in Miami. After savoring the win over the crosstown rivals, Brooklyn looked good in wins over Boston and Orlando. And while a loss in Miami kept it from being a perfect week, you'll excuse Brooklyn if they don't much care. After spending years begging for legitimacy while playing in the swamps of Jersey, the palpable buzz in the Barclays Center Monday night against the Knicks had to feel like an arrival for the burgeoning fan base. After all these years, the Nets have a chant, they have a mascot, they have a home. All hail Brooklyn.

Big East Football: Louisville and Rutgers played Thursday night with the Big East title on the line, with the Cardinals pulling out a thrilling 20-17 win to take the crown and set themselves up for a BCS berth. The Scarlet Knights were driving late to tie the score, but a costly interception from Gary Nova sealed the win for the Cardinals.

Big East Basketball: As the future of the conference continues to disintegrate, this season marches on as perhaps the last hurrah for the mighty Big East we've all known. Louisville lost a close one to fifth-ranked Duke in a battle of titans, while No. 6 Syracuse continues its early undefeated march. UConn bounced back from its first loss -- a defeat by New Mexico -- with wins over Stony Brook and New Hampshire, neither in ultra impressive fashion as the team tries to find its footing under new head coach Kevin Ollie. After four straight wins, Rutgers suffered another setback in a loss to Mississippi, their second on the year.

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