12/17/2012 12:19 AM ET
GEICO Week in New York: Dec. 17-23
By Brian DiMenna / SNY.tv
Amid all the success, a penchant for blowout losses are a strange piece of the Eli Manning legacy with the Giants. (AP)

Far be it for me to say anything poignant or memorable here, but I'll just note it was another one of those horrid weeks that make you wonder what exactly this all is, and why it's so often so violent and cruel. Hug them close, everybody. All of them. And now all the rest of it.

Mets: By all accounts, it looks as though the Mets have traded R.A. Dickey, and for an impressive haul of prospects to boot. There's nothing like the addition of prized prospects to suddenly turn everyone into a scout. I have no reason to doubt that Travis d'Arnaud is everything that's been said of him, but I've also never seen him play a single game in my life, to get excited about his acquisition seems a trifle premature. As for Dickey, it may be that the Mets made the wise decision to sell high on a 38-year-old knuckleballer, but there seems something almost perverse about giving up on a story like R.A. Dickey. Perhaps the most unlikely star the game has ever seen, the Mets lucked into the equally likeable and interesting Dickey, but have now decided they're best served without him. And they're probably right, and today may very well be a great day for the franchise, but at the moment it also kind of stinks.

Yankees: The Yankees really haven't done anything this offseason. It's kind of awesome.

Jets: The Jets didn't play at all this week, and it was sort of wonderful. Nonetheless, despite the slapstick comedy this Jets season has been at times, Mark Sanchez and the gang can actually still secure a playoff berth, but will need to start with a Monday night win in Tennessee against a terrible, but mildly dangerous Titans team. They'll be with Braylon Edwards, who not so recently referred to the Jets' brass as idiots, so they naturally signed him.

Monday, Dec. 17
8:30 PM NFL NY Jets at Tennessee
7:30 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Houston
7:00 PM NCAAB Syracuse vs. Detroit

Tuesday, Dec. 18
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. Utah

Wednesday, Dec. 19
7:00 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Brooklyn
7:00 PM NCAAB Seton Hall vs. Longwood

Friday, Dec. 21
7:30 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Chicago
7:00 PM NCAAB UConn vs. Fordham
7:30 PM NCAAB Rutgers vs. Howard
7:30 PM NCAAB St. John's vs. UNC-Ash

Saturday, Dec. 22
12:00 PM NCAAB Syracuse vs. Temple

Sunday, Dec. 23
3:00 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. Philadelphia
5:00 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Minnesota
1:00 PM NFL NY Jets vs. San Diego
4:25 PM NFL NY Giants at Baltimore

Giants: The Giants did play this week, and oof. We can add this to the somewhat bizarre history of regular season disasters that have been a yearly part of the Tom Coughlin/Eli Manning era. For all their mutual success, the two have poured in a sort of staggering amount of stink bombs along the way. And yet, for some reason I'm not that worried about the latest, a 34-0 destruction to the Falcons in Atlanta. Yes, the Giants have now tossed away the division lead. Yes, their playoff spot is now very much in jeopardy, but somehow I still feel like they're going to pull this out, although I admittedly have no real justification for such confidence. The Giants will have to beat an equally struggling Ravens team on the road next week, then finish off a floundering Philadelphia to secure a playoff berth, but with this team, who the hell really knows.

Knicks: The Knicks continue to roll, having now won four straight, including two more wins on the Carmelo Anthony revenge tour over Denver and Los Angeles. Welcoming back Mike D'Antoni to the Garden, Carmelo erupted for 22 first quarter points, but an ankle injury in the third quarter derailed what might have been a colossal night, and has put him in jeopardy for Monday's reunion with Jeremy Lin at the Garden. Either way, the Knicks have shown an equal ability to win with or without Anthony, and could soon welcome back Amar'e Stoudemire to the lineup, perhaps as early as next week. It has been all kinds of fun in Knicksland of late, and the team may finally get a full compliment of players at their disposal to see just how special this all might become.

Nets: For all the snickering when Brook Lopez signed a max contract this offseason, the Nets have shown just how valuable he is in suffering through a five-game losing streak while the center sat out with foot problems. His return hasn't completely healed all wounds, particularly with Avery Johnson being forced to ease his minutes, but the Nets did manage a pair of victories over Toronto and Detroit before a heartbreaking loss to Chicago on Saturday. After a visit from the Jazz on Tuesday, Brooklyn will head across town to take on the Knicks at MSG, looking to make sure this rivalry doesn't fizzle before it ever gets started.

Big East Basketball: Undefeated Cincinnati and Syracuse continue to carry the way for the Big East in perhaps the final iteration of this dominant basketball conference. This week, the East's Catholic contingent announced plans to form a league of their own, hoping to keep at least some of these long-standing feuds from going the way of the Dodo.

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