12/30/2012 10:40 PM ET
Sports a way of life for Cardinal Hayes
Athletic tradition a hallmark of this Bronx institution
By Sultan Ali / SNY.tv
Coach Craig Joseph has worked in the admissions office and also coached track and field. (Cardinal Hayes)

Asking what sports means to Cardinal Hayes is like asking what breathing means to a human being, or what the feeling of music means to a pianist. Hayes has been the underground for the love of sports since the school opened.

The moment they stepped on that field of bright green grass and saw the white lines painted on it, knowing that they could hear the cheers and roars of every single person from each borough to show love and support at each game. That kind of feeling holds through to this day, even though there are new students enrolled each year, players know their love for sports was strong.

From the football field to the lacrosse team and even the suspense of getting a "Turkey" in the bowling tournaments, Hayes shows the respect that each student deserves for what they do whether it be on a field or in the alley.

Being at the Cardinal Hayes High School, there is a code and sense of brotherhood that everyone chooses to follow and that each and every student lives by. When you come into Cardinal Hayes, you come into a home where all races, sizes and religions are taken in with open arms. The same feeling exists when we play our games.

For the longest time, before the year 2000, there has always been a Hayes tradition of the varsity football team playing in the "Turkey Bowl" against our long time rivals Mount St. Michael. The reason for the rivalry is still unknown to many new students -- as well as the old -- but it is known that it is Hayes' tradition that each and every year we raise our voices and our spirits and cheer through the halls "BEAT THE MOUNT!" Sadly, even though since 2007 there hasn't been a win against Mount, there is still hope and there is still courage of knowing that next year will be our year to triumph. It is the way of the school's foundation. That is the Hayes way no matter what happens to us -- it could be Hurricane Sandy or the lost of a loved one.

Cardinal Hayes was founded by a man who saw the chance to bring strangers together and create a family that would last for decades and with that, the love that will conquer everything that brings us down. That love is then brought on the field, alley, golf course and home bases that help us bring the wins that were always meant for us.

Hayes is the home of everything, which can be no clearer and that is something that will never die in this school. As we as a family of men always say, when we grab a winning game, or need support, or want to let the world know who we are and where we stand, we say "UP HAYES AND ALL ITS LOYAL MEN!"

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