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GEICO Week in New York: Feb. 4-10
By Brian DiMenna / SNY.tv
With Amar'e Stoudemire back in the lineup, the Knicks are playing their best ball in over a decade. (AP)

I'd really like one year we all just accept that there's nothing particularly special about the commercials during the Super Bowl. They're commercials. Commercials, almost by definition, are irritating. Let's end this. A clever Tide commercial is still a Tide commercial, it's not an "achievement," although, you know, you're all allowed to like what you like. It was a good game, however, so congratulations to one team I hate for beating that other team I hate.

Mets: The Mets have still not signed Michael Bourn, although they are totally considering it, not really, but maybe. Obviously, the issue appears to be giving up the 11th pick in the draft, something I can imagine they're hesitant to do, but I'm just sort of tired with the whole affair.

Yankees: Alex Rodriguez may or may not have been using steroids this whole time, though the evidence wholly suggests he has been, but he adamantly denies this for whatever that's worth. Either way, it's rather remarkable that for a man as handsome, talented and rich as A-Rod, there's maybe no one I'd rather be less than the guy. He just may be the most unloved great player of all time.

Giants: The Giants appear to be playing hardball with Victor Cruz as they quietly hone in on an extension for Hakeem Nicks at the same time, something that is sort of cold and ruthless, but probably also really smart. Such is life in the NFL.

Monday, Feb. 4
7:30 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Detroit
7:00 PM NCAAB Syracuse vs. Notre Dame

Tuesday, Feb. 5
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. LA Lakers
7:00 PM NHL NY Rangers at New Jersey
7:00 PM NHL NY Islanders at Pittsburgh

Wednesday, Feb. 6
7:00 PM NBA NY Knicks at Washington
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn at Detroit
7:00 PM NCAAB UConn at St. John's
7:30 PM NCAAB Rutgers vs. Louisville

Thursday, Feb. 7
8:00 PM NBA NY Knicks at Boston
7:00 PM NHL New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay
7:00 PM NHL NY Rangers vs. NY Rangers

Friday, Feb. 8
7:00 PM NBA Brooklyn at Washington
8:00 PM NBA NY Knicks at Minnesota

Saturday, Feb. 9
1:00 PM NHL New Jersey vs. Pittsburgh
7:00 PM NHL NY Islanders vs. Buffalo
12:00 AM NCAAB Rutgers vs. Georgetown

Sunday, Feb. 10
1:00 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. LA Clippers
8:00 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. San Antonio
12:00 PM NCAAB UConn at Seton Hall
3:00 PM NCAAB Syracuse vs. St. John's
7:30 PM NHL New Jersey at Pittsburgh
7:30 PM NHL NY Rangers vs. Tampa Bay

Knicks: The Knicks had a fantastic week in pretty much every regard, including one hopes a few good meals. After what I would deem one of the better wins of the year in a well played battle with Milwaukee on Friday night, New York blitzed Sacramento to a romp on Saturday that was the season's most dominant performance. Most encouraging has been the impressive play of Amar'e Stoudemire, who has rounded into form in a way almost no one seemed to think possible. Stoudemire has meshed perfectly into his role, providing the Knicks with one of the most potent benches in all of basketball. New York settles in with some easy games against the likes of Detroit and Minnesota this week, before a showdown with the Western power LA Clippers on Sunday that should be a nice measuring stick game for a team starting to look on the cusp of some great things.

Nets: After one of the more disappointing performances of the year, a dismal effort in a 20-point loss to the Heat, Brooklyn bounced back to end the week by grinding out a hard-fought win over the defensive minded Bulls. The Nets have found themselves in a little bit of a funk, losing three of their last five games, and will get an interesting week ahead, sandwiching games with Detroit and Washington between tussles with the Lakers and Spurs. It could be a good time for the Nets to make a move, a team that finds itself in that unenviable position of being almost interesting, but not quite there.

Rangers: The Rangers are off to something of an iffy start this season, sitting at just 4-4 and about to be without captain Ryan Callahan for the next two weeks. Nonetheless, they ended the week with a nice 3-2 win over the Lightning as they look ahead to local rivalries with the Devils and Islanders. Yes, it's fair to say I haven't yet been watching much hockey, I hope to make that change.

Devils: After three straight overtime losses, something that almost seemed unfair, the Devils were routed by Pittsburgh, then closed with a beatdown of the Islanders that helped ease the suffering. They'll take a look at the Rangers upcoming, before a couple of weekend meetings with those Penguins.

Islanders: A Sunday loss to the Devils notwithstanding, the Islanders have been off to a tremendous start, with a core of young players appearing to finally be ready to contend. They'll get a look at the Penguins and Rangers before ending the week by hosting Buffalo. Good times are here for the Islanders, just in time for their own move to Brooklyn, a move that seems to be something of a franchise elixir.

Big East Basketball: A slow week for the Syracuse Orange, who played only two games this week and lost them both, a nail-biter to Villanova before a sound beating from the Pittsburgh Panthers, as they'll expect to watch their top-10 rank start to slide. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights have hit something of a lull, or whatever it is you call a four-game losing streak, perhaps they call it routine. ZING! After a tough loss to surging Pitt, UConn rebounded with three straight wins over Rutgers, Providence and South Florida that almost made everyone forget this season doesn't actually matter.

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