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GEICO Week in New York: March 18-24
By Brian DiMenna / SNY.tv
Not surprisingly, playing without Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler has not been a winning formula for the Knicks. (AP)

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, may you be covered in green, with most of it because of what you were wearing.

Mets: So did you hear? David Wright got hurt. Does that matter? Weirdly, probably not, but only because the Mets are kind of not good anyway. Nonetheless, he appears to have a strain of the intercoastal something or other, one of these en vogue injuries that seem to pop up nowadays. On this topic, are their new injuries, or did they just used to not be so specific? Because it seems that every few years there's some hip, totally chic injury that everyone starts getting that I'd never previously heard of. Discuss.

Yankees: The Yankees have been suffering through an offseason filled with A-Rod nonsense and injuries, but with the signing of Brennan Boesch this weekend they have addressed every possible area of need. Though in all seriousness, watch him turn into a nouveau Paul O'Neill much to everyone's delight. Oh, but Yankees fans, you root for Kevin Youkilis now. That's a thing that you do. Enjoy.

Monday, March 18
1:05 PM MLB NY Mets at St. Louis
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn at Detroit
10:30 PM NBA NY Knicks at Utah
7:00 PM NHL NY Rangers vs. Carolina

Tuesday, March 19
1:05 PM MLB NY Yankees at Philadelphia
7:30 PM NBA Brooklyn vs. New Orleans
7:00 PM NHL NY Rangers at New Jersey
7:00 PM NHL NY Islanders vs. Ottawa

Wednesday, March 20
6:05 PM MLB NY Mets at Houston
1:05 PM MLB NY Yankees vs. Boston
7:30 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Orlando
8:00 PM NBA Brooklyn at Dallas

Thursday, March 21
1:10 PM MLB NY Mets vs. St. Louis
7:05 PM MLB NY Yankees vs. Minnesota
10:30 PM NBA NY Knicks at Portland
7:00 PM NHL NY Islanders vs. Montreal
7:00 PM NHL NY Rangers vs. Florida
7:00 PM NHL New Jersey at Carolina

Friday, March 22
7:05 PM MLB NY Mets at Miami
1:05 PM MLB NY Yankees at Minnesota
7:00 PM NBA NY Knicks at Toronto
7:00 PM NHL NY Islanders vs. Pittsburgh

Saturday, March 23
1:10 PM MLB NY Mets vs. Washington
1:05 PM MLB NY Yankees at Detroit
7:30 PM NBA NY Knicks vs. Toronto
10:30 PM NBA Brooklyn at LA Clippers
7:00 PM NHL New Jersey vs. Florida

Sunday, March 24
1:05 PM MLB NY Mets at St. Louis
1:05 PM MLB NY Yankees vs. Tampa Bay
9:00 PM NBA Brooklyn at Phoenix
5:00 PM NHL NY Islanders vs. Florida
7:00 PM NHL NY Rangers vs. Washington

Knicks: The Knicks went out west this week for the first four games of a five-game road trip and had maybe the worst week of Knicks basketball ever, which is saying something. But considering the importance, the fact that the week culminated in the prolonged absence of Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler and that they were systematically thumped in each game, it was as a depressing period of New York hoops since Clarence Weatherspoon was in town. Perhaps the coup de grace was a beatdown in Denver, where the Nuggets flashed a young, athletic anti-Knicks that pounded New York into submission and forced Anthony to the sidelines indefinitely. There's some hope that Anthony will soon be back, perhaps in the dominant form we've seen at times, but here's a guess his leg morphs into a warm piece of spaghetti. The Knicks get something of a respite upcoming, with games against Utah, Orlando and Toronto, but unless they can achieve some kind of health, it doesn't much matter.

Nets: On the other side of the spectrum, the Nets were winners of four of five heading into Sunday's tilt with Atlanta and had narrowed the gap in the Atlantic division to just a half game. Deron Williams is finally looking like the All-Star he's been for most of his career after having the blood of an East German baby injected into his knee, or something. I'm still a little unsure how this platement rich therapy works. The Nets look ahead to winnable road games with Detroit, Dallas and Phoenix, along with a showdown in Los Angeles with the powerful Clippers.

Rangers: If folks were aware that the NHL had, in fact, returned, they'd be downright devastate at the Rangers' slow start in this lockout-shortened season. As it goes, New York finds itself quickly behind the eight ball after three straight losses which dropped them out of the playoff picture. They'll have to start quickly turning things around next week with games against Carolina, New Jersey and Florida.

Islanders: The Islanders aren't good, mind you, at least not yet. But for the first time in a while, they aren't terrible either. After winning three of four this week, with victories Washington, Tampa and Florida, the Islanders pulled past the Rangers and sit just outside the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference. They'll try to move into the playoff picture next week with games against Ottawa, Montreal and Pittsburgh.

Devils: The Devils haven't won all their games, or even most of them, but fortunately for them they've tended to lose in overtime, with six OT losses boosting them into the seventh spot in the East. They backed up a couple wins with a pair of losses this week, but look ahead to meetings with the Rangers, Hurricanes and Panthers in the week ahead.

Big East basketball: The Big East is no longer really a thing. It's sad. It's legitimately really sad. It's one of those things in fact that hasn't sort of sunk in, even after watching another thrilling tournament at the Garden. Rick Pitino's Louisville took home the final crown, using an incredible second-half push to storm back from 16 points down to rout Syracuse in the final. The Big East was a really awesome thing, but if it had to disappear, it's just nice to know it was for a really good reason. What was that, again?

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